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What does an electron do, really?

The quantum nature of electrons is often explained by quantum jumps and electrons moving mysteriously from one place to another without ever being in between. However, there is no actual evidence for this rather it arises from interpretations of  quantum mechanics models. 

If so, what does an electron really do? Although it's not known for certain, the following simulation is enlightening. The simulation shows a single electron in a potential well initially in an excited state with two lobes. Although the electron can stay in this state for long periods of time, it eventually falls to the ground state. The simulation starts just before the electron's "quantum jump".

Click the image to view or the link below for the full version.

 Instead of jumping, the electron wobbles smoothly from one state to the other while oscillating at a constant frequency. The simulation uses Schrodinger's equation coupled to an electromagnetic field. It's well known that accelerating electric charge will emit energy in the form of light. As the electron oscillates, the electromagnetic term causes it to lose energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, or photon. The frequency at which the electron oscillates in the simulation depends only on the energy difference between the two quantum states, which in turn determines the frequency and energy of the emitted photon exactly according to experimental observations.

Controlling the most amazing processor architecture, GCN

GCN, Graphics Core Next, is AMD's new processor architecture used in their GPUs and integrated CPU/graphics processors. For anyone who enjoys the power of lower level programming, GCN ia all new and amazingly powerful. See

Your genes are beautiful

DNA of living organisms is anything but random forming long arrays of complex and very beautiful patterns. This becomes apparent when the genetic sequences are represented by brightly colored spheres, as in 30 images shown in this link

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